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Established more than two decades ago, Gal Oger CPA & Co. is an accounting and financial consulting firm employing accountants and tax consultants who are leaders in their fields. The firm offers a broad range of accounting, managerial and financial services, relying on years of intensive experience in its various areas of expertise. Over the years, our firm has specialized in providing services to private corporations and subsidiaries of public corporations, with emphasis on foreign corporations involved in local manufacturing and infrastructural projects, as well as short-, medium- and long-term investments in the Israeli hi-tech, commercial, manufacturing and real-estate industries. Gal Oger also specializes in serving private Israeli corporations and high-net-worth individuals who have divested their business holdings or terminated their tenure in senior executive positions in the public and private sector. Our firm supports and consults these individuals on their various financial but also, and particularly, real investments.

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