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Shila Solutions

SHILA creative business SOLUTIONS was formed with the goal of facilitating business cooperation between Israel creative technology and international companies, institutions and nonprofit organizations. Shila Creative Solutions is focusing in business development and collaboration in the Far East (especially in South Korea, China and Hong Kong) and South America. 
At SHILA SOLUTIONS we know that in order to be successful in establishing a long lasting business relationship, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of all aspects and needs regarding the business methodology and capability of supplying all the services that required. 
We provide business and legal consulting for foreign companies who wish to penetrate the Israeli market, and for Israeli companies who wish to present/expand their business worldwide, by placing great emphasis on personal attention to our clients, ensuring they receive the best service possible tailored to their needs. Our staff provides representation services including trusted advisors that will look after your needs, regardless of the longevity and scope of the project.

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