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For 13 years, Neway has been one of Israel’s LED and induction lighting,solar product, and traffic safety and traffic safety equipment leaders.
Neway is now officially recognized as an energy-saving supplier by the National Infrastructure Ministry of Energy and Water, for indoor, outdoor, solar, and electric lighting.

Neway Lighting, the company’s lighting division, manufactures, supplies,and installs solar products such as cat eyes, traffic signs, traffic lights, and environmental lighting. We supply a wide range of energy-saving, cost-effective LED and induction lighting for all market sectors, and we specialize in developing green products using only the highest quality materials and technologies such as LED/induction and solar.

We offer indoor and outdoor lighting, street lighting, and solar and LED systems that help offer a complete solution for our clients. Neway Lighting products are installed in over 70% of Israeli municipalities.

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