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Organic & Natural honey, natural honey spreads & marinades, Royal Jelly & propolis products, energy honey products. The company markets five unique lines:
1. High quality honey, including special honey from Jerusalem Mountains,
2. Natural spreads & sauces based on high quality raw materials such as honey, sesame, almonds, dates, walnuts and carobs
3. Natural gourmet honey-based marinades and dressings
4. Royal Jelly products of Lin farm are known for its Fresh Royal Jelly, honey mixed with beehive products healing properties such as propolis & pollen, medicinal herbs such as Ginseng  and vitamins.
5. Sweet gifts for the holidays based on our natural products.
*All products are free of preservatives and chemicals, except  the sugar free spreads that contain sucralose .
* All products are kosher. Most of the products are kosher Badatz.

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