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The Company is acting as one-stop-arranger , providing M&A Services and Consulting, in capital intensive niches- Aviation, Energy, Infrastructure, Shipping, Fuel, Concessions type project financing, etc., being based in Israel, but acting globally. The company is cooperating with other parties in order to complete other typical M&A services.
Active Funding of Capital Intensive Projects – White Paper
The strategy that I am promoting for 2016 is to make Israel a private equity hub similar to Ireland or Luxemburg, raising and managing JV equity funds which will fund capital intensive real assets and projects.
The objective is to extend it and to transform Israel, in the years to come, a financial center, competitive, though collaborating, also to the incumbent financial hubs of US, Honk Kong, London, or similar.
The leading shareholders partnering in the JV equity funds ("GP") may be sourced from Israeli equity parties, US , Latin America, China, India, Indonesia, Europe, Russia, etc.
The GP in the funds that I shall be involved to arrange them have not to be from Iran, or controlled by Iran interests - in fact, I shall be instrumental in the decision process where from and it may apply also on the LP and sources of leveraged financing.
The partners in the funds will decide in which niches and where to invest and will not be bilaterally limited.

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