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Features and Benefits to the rancher:

  1. Increasing yield by 10-20% and saving operational cost

  2. Scalable system:  from small 40 heads  to 20K heads'  herd

  3. Every 4 minutes  Collecting behavior information of each cattle (Grazing, Walking, Laying, in-heat, Pregnancy, illness, bull efficiency, Calves’ delivery, calves’ conditions , location / tracing /Theft and illness early warning, )

  4. Every 2 Hours report the behavior information to the farmer’s PC and Mobile, The report includes counting heads as well

  5. Theft / Hostility / illness early warning – real time

  6. Monitoring Bulls efficiency

  7. Geo fens and dedicate  “Anti Theft” electronics  fence

  8. Drone operation day / night camera + herd’s head counting device

  9. Iridium satellite or cellular coverage – to coverage every point on the globes

  10. Seven working years for collars without replacing batteries and three for Ear Tags

  11. Collars Working from minus 40 to plus 80 C degrees

  12. Very friendly Graphic User Interface for Android,  I-phone and PC

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