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The ACS Group was founded over 35 years ago by Israeli engineers specialized in agricultural projects to implementnew trends in Latin America in agricultural technology, diversifying further with the addition of water management projects.
Currently, ACS is one of the leading projects aimed at developing agricultural and water management in Latin America,his specialty being the planning and execution of high-tech comprehensive projects including engineering, procurementand construction (EPC). Implemented in the course of time more than 200,000 hectares under pressurized irrigationand fertigation, over 100 hectares of greenhouses in protected crops, as well as a set of water treatment projects inseveral countries in the region, such as Venezuela and Dominican Republic , among others.
The company headquarters is located in Israel, which is considered the cradle of world agricultural technology world,also being recognized his great experience in development and management of water projects. This location allows the company to stay updated on the latest technological developments, applying these innovations in a timely, progressiveand permanent projects.
The team consists of experienced professionals that provide innovative solutions appropriate in all aspects of the project, ensuring our customers the implementation of the latest technologies in their specific projects, and adaptabilitythrough a process of ongoing training.

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